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Custom fitting in our fitting Studio

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Why have your clubs custom-fitted?

Whatever level of golf you play at, for optimal performance your golf clubs should be set up to match your physiology and golf swing. This means getting the correct:

* Shaft length
* Shaft flex
* Clubhead loft and lie - angle of the face and how it 'sits' on the ground when you address the ball
* Clubhead weight
* Grip size

The chances of getting all this right with off-the-shelf clubs is remote. We guarantee that having your clubs custom-fitted will make a real difference to your game.

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How our custom fitting improves your performance


We start with a detailed analysis of how you perform with your current equipment:

* We discuss your objectives for the session, any brand preferences, any personal characteristics that affect your swing (e.g. past injuries) and what you like/dislike about your current clubs
* We take measurements, including shaft length and clubhead loft & lie angles
* We observe you hitting balls in the studio using your current clubs and capture key performance data using our industry-leading Trackman 4 launch monitor

Diagnosis and recommendations

We discuss the measurements and data with you, explain what they mean and how they tie into the performance you see on the course and then make our recommendations. If your current equipment is performing well, we will explain why no change is needed. If anything, this could simply give you the confidence of knowing that your clubs are set up correctly, offering you peace of mind.

But if a change in specification will benefit your game, the next step is for us to use our extensive in-house range of head and shaft combinations to improve performance. We get you to try out clubs with our recommended, bespoke specification and measure the impact of the new set up using the Trackman 4 Launch Monitor.

We'll then agree with you whether:

* Your current clubs can be tweaked as regards shaft length/flex, clubhead loft/lie and/or grip size, or
* New clubs would improve your performance

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Fulfilling the recommendations

If we agreed to adjust your existing clubs, we arrange a date for you to leave them with us for the work to be completed in an agreed timescale. We have all the tools on site in our own club-building workshop.

If we agreed that new clubs are the way forward, we'll get the best on-line UK prices for you before placing an order with your bespoke specification

All the new equipment we sell is custom-built in the manufacturer's facilities, working to the tightest manufacturing tolerances.

All orders over £399 qualify for our 0% finance payment option, complementing our price-match and trade-in program

We always aim to get an estimated delivery period and will keep you updated with the order progress.