Wareham Golf Club
Stay Safe on the course

A golf course is an inherently hazardous place. We have taken steps to reduce and mitigate risks, but you must play your part.

Keep others safe - You are legally liable for your own golf shots if they result in injury or damage
* Only play when it’s safe to do so and other players are out of your range
* If you tend to hit wayward shots, wait until other players are out of harm’s way
* On holes 8, 10, 13, 14 & 16 players in front may not be visible due to the course topography - wait for the bell or until you can see them
* Always shout “FORE” if you play a stray shot
* Respect that greens staff have absolute right of way on the course, as do the public on the public footpaths - wait until they are clear

Keep yourself safe
* Don’t walk ahead of your playing partners and keep a safe distance from their practise swings & shots
* Always USE STEPS to tees
* Don’t take risks in deep ditches – use a ball retriever & take the penalty!
* Don’t go down the steep slope on 10 - USE THE PATH
* Take evasive action on hearing a shout of “FORE”- turn away from the direction of the shout and cover your head with your arms
* Honour the safety signage and ring bells as you pass them
* Take care around wooden sleepers on tee areas, winter mats and paths

Accidents & Emergencies
* If anyone needs urgent medical attention call 999, give our address as Sandford Road, Wareham, BH20 4DH and a specific location on the course. Then call the Clubhouse 01929 554147
* Report any accident or near-miss to Proshop on 01929 554147 or proshop@warehamgolfclub.com
* 1st aid kits are available in the bar, Office, Proshop and Greenkeepers’ shed
* A defibrillator is located in the Clubhouse

* Leave the course immediately if you hear two long blasts of the horn, which indicates a course closure due to the weather conditions
* If there is lightening, leave the course immediately and do not wait for the horn
* In the event of fog, very wet or icy conditions, the course may be closed or subject to restrictions. Please abide by the closure/restrictions