Wareham Golf Club
Subscription Rates

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2024/25 Rates (exclusive of Affiliation fees)

  • Our rates are always highly competitive within Dorset - NO JOINING FEE
  • We operate a rolling 12-month membership year and revised rates apply from the date of a member's own membership renewal
  • Membership is a 12-month contract and can only be cancelled or suspended by agreement with the Club in accordance with its rules
  • Payment is either an annual lump sum or by 12 monthly payments. Monthly payment is interest free - you just pay a £20 pa admin charge to cover the costs of collection.

Category Annual  Monthly
Full Member £1,084 £92.00
Age 18-21 £208 £19.00
Age 22-25 £360 £31.67
Age 26-29 £496 £43.00
Age 30-34 £642 £55.17
Age 35-39 £855 £72.92
Serving Forces/Police £900 £76.67
Junior (up to age 18) £42 N/A
Twilight: After 12:00 GMT; After 13:00 BST £608 £52.33
Off-Peak: All day Sunday and Twilight Mon-Wed £490 £42.50
Country (50+ miles from Club) £406 £35.50
Away Membership - available to 7-day members of another Dorset Club (N/A to Juniors and Off Peak) 50% of category rate  
Ladies 3-month trial - fee off set against annual subscrption if join at end of trial £100 N/A
Social £22 N/A
Joint Social per couple £38 N/A

Affiliation Fees to England Golf and Dorset County Golf Associations

  • Members whose 'Home' Club is Wareham are required to pay affiliation fees to England Golf and the County Golf Associations
  • Members whose 'Home' Club is in Dorset are not required to pay the affiliation fees to WGC - their Home Club will collect them
  • Members whose 'Home' Club is outside of Dorset are required to pay the County Association fee to WGC - their Home Club will collect the EG Fee
  • We collect the affiliation fees on EG's and County's behalf. Annual payers pay with their subscription; we collect from monthly payers by Direct Debit, usually in August each year

Affilation Fees 2024 Annual
England Golf £10.50
County Associations £15.00